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Worldwide Distributors: Middle East

  • Lebanon

    Abyad Medical Centre
    Azmi Street,
    Abdo Centre 2nd Floor,
    PO Box 618,

    Contact: Dr Abdulrazzak Abyad
    Direct Dial: 00 (961) 6443 684/5/6

  • Saudi Arabia

    Cambridge Diet Center (Alkanaah International Corporation
    Tahlia St,
    Intersection Hail St,
    Front Al-Basateen Center,
    P.O.Box 1386,
    Jeddah 21431.
    Saudi Arabia.

    Contact: Mr. Hazem Saklou - CEO & Mr. Ali Cherboub - Country Operation Manager
    Int. Phone: +966 2 2890404

  • UAE/Bahrain/Kuwait/Qatar

    Cambridge Health Foods
    PO Box 120049
    Dubai UAE

    Contact: Ketan Shah, Rachel Dacruz
    Direct Dial: 00 (971) 50 859 8862
    Phone: 00 (971) 433 172 68
    Mobile: 00 (971) 508 598 862
    Fax: 00 (971) 433 172 67

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